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Welcome to the Sydney Buddhist Centre About us

The Sydney Buddhist Centre in Newtown offers courses in Buddhism and Meditation in a friendly, supportive environment. Our teachers are practising Buddhists who strive to incorporate the ideals and practice of Buddhism into daily life. Our meditation techniques can be used by anyone regardless of religious beliefs.

Our Newtown centre is part of a worldwide movement - the Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order or FWBO) which was founded in 1967 by the Venerable Sangharakshita.

The Triratna Buddhist Community draws upon the entire Buddhist tradition and expresses itself in a fresh and dynamic way.

The Sydney Buddhist Centre has run activities in various locations since 1981. Join us for classes and retreats and meet people with similar interests.


Upcoming Events in December

A Season of Creative Conversations

Sydney Buddhist Centre presents a spectacular array of events happening right throughout December. A number of visiting Order members present some rich and rewarding - and unmissable - events!

Vaddhaka, author of the recent Buddha on Wall Street, as well as speaker of the highly acclaimed talk last year on Going Beyond Capitalism, is giving a talk and running a workshop.

Maitreyabandhu, Buddhist teacher and award winning poet, will be running two Poetry East events with highly regarded Sydney poets. He will also be presenting a Poetry and Mindfulness Day.

And Vajradaka visits Sydney again to lead our renowned Summer New Year Retreat.

And there's more...
Evolution, Capitalism & the Buddha: A Talk
Wednesday 2 December at 7pm, SBC
"Capitalist economics is based upon a narrow evolutionary view associated with social Darwinism and a distorted interpretation of the survival of the fittest. Can modern approaches to evolution help to develop a new approach to economics more in line with Buddhist values?"

By Donation

Community, Work & Meaning: A Workshop
Saturday 5 December from 10.20am, SBC

Vaddhaka presents this two-part workshop on the decline of community and the degradation of work.

Community is vital to a meaningful life. But, what is lost with capitalist economic development is community. Where can we find community, and what can we do to preserve and promote its development?
Further to this, the vast majority of people in the world today do not find fulfillment in their job, whilst over 200 million are unemployed. Work, and the lack of work, are major sources of suffering in the world. How did we get to this situation, and can we do anything to change it? What should be the Buddhist attitude to work?

Book Here | View Vaddhaka's talk: Going Beyond Capitalism
Bodyweather: An Exhibition
Saturday 26 November to Sunday 13 December, SBC

The Bodyweather Exhibition is a moving compilation of work by Yoris Everaerts. Created over the last few years, his works deal with body awareness as it has been developed through his practice of Qigong, meditation and improvised performance.

By Donation

Yoris Everaerts' Improvised Performance
Displacement I: Saturday 5 December at 7pm, SBC
Displacement II: Friday 11 December at 7pm, SBC
"As when I walk there has to be a trusting that I will be able to keep my balance, so with improvised performance there is the great unknowing before I start, the emptying of all thought and then a listening for body. It comes as sensations, sounds and energies in the environment. When visual images appear I use the imagination to extend them into the performance."

By Donation
Artist's Journey: An Art Workshop
Saturday 12 December from 10.20am, SBC
Aryadharma has been conducting a series of art workshops through the year exploring the artist’s journey. This workshop will be about art as a practice and how we use it for change. We will be using colour and mark-making to evoke mindfulness and creativity. All skill levels are welcome.

Bookings Call 02 9519 0440
Poetry East with Robert Gray
Friday 18 December at 7pm, SBC

Described as ‘one of the contemporary masters of poetry in English’, Robert Gray has won the Adelaide Arts Festival, the New South Wales and Victorian Premiers' Awards, the Patrick White Award and the Australia Council of Writer’s Emeritus Award. Buddhist poet, Maitreyabandhu, will interview Robert about his life and work, and the evening will conclude with a reading by Robert from Cumulus, his Collected poems.
Poetry & Mindfulness Day: A Workshop
Saturday 19 December from 10.20am, SBC
A day introducing meditation and mindfulness alongside poetry writing and appreciation – how can mindfulness and poetry increase our appreciation of life? Open to all, irrespective of experience of either meditation or poetry. Maitreyabandhu has been ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order for 25 years. He has written three books on Buddhism and has published two collections of poems.

Book Here
Poetry East with Judith Beveridge & Stephen Edgar
Saturday 19 December at 7pm, SBC
Judith Beveridge has written five collections of poems, which have won the NSW and Victorian Premiers’ Award and the Judith Calanthe Prize. She lectures on poetry at the University of Sydney. Stephan Edgar has published eight collections of poetry. His awards include the Grace Leven Poetry Prize, the Peter Porter Poetry Prize and the Philip Hodgins Memorial Award for excellence in literature. Buddhist poet, Maitreyabandhu, will interview both these renowned poets about their lives and work. The evening will conclude with a reading.

Book Here | More on Poetry East
Entering the Middle Way
26 December - 1 January, Vijayaloka
This New Year retreat explores the personal transformation guided by the underlying principles of the middle way. Vajradaka, will bring together his meditation teachings of the last two decades to deliver practical guidance in a wide range of insightful attitudes and effective practices which can overcome obstructions to growth and development in meditation and in everyday life.

There is also an option for coming the first 3 days.

Book Here

To book for any of our events and retreats, please visit our website:

For more information contact or call 02 9519 0440.
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4 December 2015

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