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About us The Sydney Buddhist Centre is part of a larger international Buddhist movement called the Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly called Friends of the Western Buddhist Order or FWBO). Although each city centre, retreat centre, and right livelihood business is independently run and managed by local members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, the network of friendships within the Order link all these different individual situations together. Therefore, the uniting force within this international Buddhist organization is simply friendship. And the Sydney Buddhist Centre is simply one jewel in this web of friendships.

Faces of the Sydney Buddhist Centre

Chittaprabha is one of the founders of the Sydney Buddhist Centre and Vijayaloka Retreat Centre. She's involved in the women's mitra study on Thursdays and leads retreats. She worked for many years as a teacher in a Steiner school, and is well appreciated for her intuitive style and deep love for meditation. Viraja is heavily involved men's study nights, retreats and other activities at the centre. Professionally he works as a lawyer, but on his days off he can often be seen riding the lawnmower at Vijayaloka.
Khemadhamma leads one of the men's study groups on Monday night, leads the men's annual intensive meditation retreat, and co-ordinates the men's ordination process in Sydney. He is an accomplished potter, has a love for Zen, and does much of the building work at Vijayaloka. Prakashika is involved with the women's mitra study on Thursday evenings, leading the Tuesday lunchtime meditation and other classes and retreats.
Pamojjacitta is another person you're likely to find leading the Saturday morning meditation. He's involved in leading men's study and a regular on retreats! Sudrishti helps to lead the Women's mitra study on Thursday evenings and frequently steps in to help with classes and lead retreats, as well as occasionally leading the Saturday morning introductory meditation. She works professionally teaching immigration law and providing community services along these lines.