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Meditation & Buddhism Retreats

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Meditation Retreats for beginners* and experienced meditators

Would you like to learn meditation? Have you recently learned to meditate and are trying to establish a meditation practice? Or have you been meditating for years? We have retreats are for relative beginners with little or no knowledge of meditation, as well as for seasoned practitioners. They offer a chance to practice in supportive conditions, away from the stress and concerns of everyday life, in the company of like-minded people. Book online or contact us on 02 9519 0440 for more information or to book for a retreat.

Please let us know if you are currently experiencing any kind of ill-health or disability we need to be aware of, to ensure you are appropriately supported in our classes and/or on retreat. It may not be suitable for you to attend in certain circumstances, such as if you require medical or psychiatric supervision.

Retreats coming up in 2016

Padmasambhava Retreat

Fri 09 Sep 2016 7:00pm Sun 11 Sep 2016 4:00pm $190/140 [Retreat completed]

Qi Gong and Meditation Retreat *

Fri 16 Sep 2016 7:00pm Sun 18 Sep 2016 4:00pm $190/140 [Retreat completed]

Young Sydney Buddhists Retreat *

Fri 23 Sep 2016 7:00pm Sun 25 Sep 2016 4:00pm $190/140 [Click here]

Sangha Retreat

Fri 14 Oct 2016 7:00pm Sun 16 Oct 2016 4:00pm $190/140 [Click here]

Introduction to Meditation Retreat *

Fri 14 Oct 2016 7:00pm Sun 16 Oct 2016 4:00pm $190/140 [Click here]

Family Retreat *

Fri 21 Oct 2016 7:00pm Sun 23 Oct 2016 4:00pm tbc [Costs to be confirmed]

Working with Nature Retreat *

Fri 28 Oct 2016 7:00pm Sun 30 Oct 2016 4:00pm by donation [Let us know you're coming!]

Introduction to Meditation Retreat *

Fri 18 Nov 2016 7:00pm Sun 20 Nov 2016 4:00pm $190/140 [Click here]

Summer Retreat *

Fri 26 Dec 2016 7:00pm Sun 01 Jan 2016 4:00pm $415/310 [Click here]

Introduction to Meditation Retreat - Learn to meditate in supportive retreat conditions. For absolute beginners and those wanting to brush up.

Sangha Retreat - On Sangha Retreats we come together with other like-minded practitioners to deepen our practice. Meditating and exploring themes relevant to our lives as Buddhists in a contemporary world

Working with Nature Retreat - An opportunity to engage with the beautiful bushland at Vijayaloka, on the outskirts of Sydney. We will practice as well as enhance and help care for the retreat centre.

Qi Gong, Walking, Meditation: a sesshin - When we meditate in stillness, we take our bodies with us, not just our minds. And our bodies provide a constant opportunity for mindfulness.The movements of Qi Gong help us to come into closer relationship with our bodies. This in turn brings us into closer relationship with our whole being. And the more of ourselves we bring into meditation, the more focussed we can be. Whether you have lots of experience of meditation or Qi Gong, or none at all, come and join us in the beautiful bush for this weekend of practice.

Under 35s Retreat - For young people aged 18-35. On this retreat we will begin to get a sense of what the creative mind truly is. Creative mind is not about being an artist or having any special ‘talent’. It’s about finding freedom from the mechanical and habitual nature of the reactive mind, about questioning and moving beyond the usual. The process begins with the simple application of awareness.We will be meditating, exploring a text “Mind Creative, Mind Reactive” by Sangharakshita, and doing simple workshops. On retreat, living with others of like mind, cooking and eating together, in stunning bushland outside Sydney, we will have the conditions for deeper calm, creativity, and flourishing..

Money Awakening: going deeper - This retreat will take you this exploration deeper through the Five Great Stages of the Path. It draws out quite personal material about our relationship to money, explores the ungraspable nature of money and life, and uses devotional practice to connect to archetypal images for open-handed abundance such as Ratnasambhava.

Compassion, Meditation, and Insight: a womens meditation retreat - Compassion in Buddhism is a joyful path to the liberation of the mind and far from being about feeling sorry for people. Whether you've been meditating for decades or just for a few months, this is a precious opportunity to take your practice further in supportive retreat conditions, in community with experienced practitioners.

11th Step Meditation and Recovery Retreat - Building from our regular Friday night 11th Step Meditation & Recovery Workshop at the Sydney Buddhist Centre, we are offering a weekend retreat for people interested in meditation and involved in recovery. Previous experience of meditation is not needed.

Mens Meditation Intensive - This annual retreat offers an opportunity to further your meditation practice in optimal and supportive conditions. Open to men who have an established meditation practice. Options are to go for 1, 2 or the full 3 weeks

Order / Mitra Retreat - A retreat for Triratna Order members and mitras. Theme will be announced closer to time.

Padmasambhava Retreat - Padmasambhava is one of the more enigmatic figures in Buddhism. Inseparable historical fact and myth make up his legendary life story. His speciality is transforming darker energies and harnessing them to our spiritual progress. This retreat is for everyone who has a regular practice.

Family Retreat - A gentle exploration of Buddhism for families. Aimed mainly at pre-school and primary school aged children and their parents or carers. Please call the centre for more details on accommodation and costs.

Summer Retreat - Explore meditation, develop awareness and uncover the imagination. Sharing 6 days with like-minded men and women, in close contact with the natural world at our beautiful bush retreat centre - away from the demands and information-overload of modern life - will give us the rare chance to uncover the innate depths of our mind. As well as meditation teaching, the programme will include themes on Buddhism, Buddhist ritual and periods of silence. As this retreat is held over an especially reflective time of year It offers a wonderful opportunity to look back over the previous year and to anticipate the next.