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Aryadharma and Gillian Reffell on SBC Initiatives on Divestment and Climate Change

Aryadharma and Gillian Reffell were recently interviewed on ABCs Radio National Breakfast program about our recent launch of the Buddhist Climate Change Action Kit and our divesting away from banks which invest in fossil fuels.

Here is the link to the short interview:

The kit, which is very practical and straightforward, is downloadable via the Federation of Australian Buddhist Council's website here:

We also received attention from the local newspaper, the Inner Western Courier...

A Fundraising Appeal for Sangharakshita’s Complete Works

Dear Friends in the Good Life,
I guess we are all aware that over the next 5 years all of Sangharakshita’s previously published works and also unpublished writings are to be published by Windhorse Publications. This is a very exciting and auspicious project, which will be such a benefit for generations to come. The first volume already published focuses on Dr B.K. Ambedkar and the mass conversions to Buddhism in India over the last 60 years. The other volumes to be published this year are outlined by Windhorse Publications here. In this first year there is the first volume of...

A Future Chair for Triratna Sydney

Dear Friends,

It is a great delight for me to have become part of the Sydney Buddhist Centre and it is a great honour to have been invited to take up the role of Chair. Thank you to all the Order Members who participated in the consultation process which eventually led to this decision. I am looking forward to getting to know the wider sangha over time.

It has been very enjoyable working with the Management Committee prior to joining it at the AGM a few weeks ago. The current Management Committee comprises: Ratnajyoti, Aryadharma, Padmadakini, Dharmalata and myself....


Three International Order Conventions: Practising in a Suffering World

During August three International Order conventions were held in England: a men’s convention (over 200 attended) at Adhisthana, a combined convention (just under 600 attended) at Wymondham College in East Anglia and a women’s convention (about 180 attended) again at Adhisthana. One of the highlights of all 3 conventions was the number of Indian Order members who were able to attend – over 60.


The Combined Convention is so large it cannot be held at Adhisthana, but Triratna has held conventions at Wymondham College over many years now. Converting the school’s gym into a...

Buddha at the International Triratna Order Convention 2016

Bodhipaksa Coming to Sydney in 2017

It is with great pleasure that we announce Bodhipaksa’s first visit to Sydney. Many of you will know of Bodhipaksa and Wildmind; the online Dharma Community he has founded. Bodhipaksa is the author of several books and other online resources that support both meditation and Buddhist practice generally.

Bodhipaksa (name means wings of enlightenment) is originally from Scotland and was director of the Dhanakosa Retreat Centre there for three years before moving to the United States and settling in New Hampshire.

Bodhipaksa has been an inspiring teacher of meditation to many...

Dhammachari Deeksha

On the 27th December 2015 four men from Sydney (Brocky, Eric, Julian and Stephen) and one from Auckland accompanied by their private preceptors (Viraja, Khemadhamma and Dharmananda) travelled to Bhaja in India to attend a four week ordination course. Initially joined by Sona from the UK who be the course leader and our public preceptor. We had a week together on our own (apart from the excellent retreat center team) before our Indian brothers joined us.

Bhaja is a couple of hours drive east of Mumbai, and a quiet agricultural area. The retreat center is over looked by the Bhaja...

Coogee Triratna

So what is it that’s going on in Coogee? Are we a Buddhist centre? Are we an outreach group from the Sydney Centre? Or are we something else? What I can tell you is that there is a wonderful sangha emerging after more than three years of running weekly meditation and Dharma study at the picturesque Coogee Croquet Club. And I can also tell you that Jayakula, the six person community just up the road is thriving.

Padmadakini and I started things off by offering Thursday night meditation and over time we added a Sunday morning sit and a bi-weekly Dharma study. I’m going to be bold and...

Dana as an expansion of consciousness

On Buddha Day we are going to launch “Dana Week”, 21-28 May. A number of us got together a few weeks ago, and decided that we would like to evoke and practise this primary Buddhist quality more.

I have been feeling rather unqualified to be writing about “Dana” or generosity (which is a translation from the pali). The truth is that when it comes to generosity with money I have been a beneficiary of other people’s generosity more than I have been a donor myself.

I have been bowled over by other people’s generosity again and again: As an example, I remember that when I needed to...

Sponsoring a Child for Dhardo 2016

The ITBCI school (Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Institute), located in the Himalayan foothills in Kalimpong within clear sight of the magnificent Mount Kanchenjunga, is an institution lying close to the heart of our Triratna Community.

The school was founded in 1954 by Dhardo Rinpoche, revered teacher and friend of our teacher Sangharakshita. Since 2011 a group of sangha members at the SBC has been sponsoring students at this school.

We began sponsoring 6 infants and primary age children and depending upon numbers of sponsors and the fluctuations of the currency exchange...

Celebrating Poets, Poetry and Poems

In December the Sydney Buddhist Centre held the Season of Creative Conversations. This included local and visiting Order members celebrating mindfulness, ideas, art and more, all in the context of presenting the many facets of the spiritual life.

Maitreyabandhu visited us from London. He has been the Chair of the London Buddhist Centre and a long-time resident of the men’s Buddhist community located above the centre. He is also an artist, a published and award-winning poet and runs Poetry East which showcases the work of well-known contemporary poets, exploring the relationship...