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Sponsoring a Child for Dhardo 2016

The ITBCI school (Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Institute), located in the Himalayan foothills in Kalimpong within clear sight of the magnificent Mount Kanchenjunga, is an institution lying close to the heart of our Triratna Community.

The school was founded in 1954 by Dhardo Rinpoche, revered teacher and friend of our teacher Sangharakshita. Since 2011 a group of sangha members at the SBC has been sponsoring students at this school.

We began sponsoring 6 infants and primary age children and depending upon numbers of sponsors and the fluctuations of the currency exchange...

Celebrating Poets, Poetry and Poems

In December the Sydney Buddhist Centre held the Season of Creative Conversations. This included local and visiting Order members celebrating mindfulness, ideas, art and more, all in the context of presenting the many facets of the spiritual life.

Maitreyabandhu visited us from London. He has been the Chair of the London Buddhist Centre and a long-time resident of the men’s Buddhist community located above the centre. He is also an artist, a published and award-winning poet and runs Poetry East which showcases the work of well-known contemporary poets, exploring the relationship...

Wanted: Teams that Clean

Have you recently done a course at the Sydney Buddhist Centre and are looking for a way to give? Are you in a regular study group, GFR group or chapter? If so, we need your help!

We’re looking for volunteers who can form 8 small teams of 4-5 people each to help regularly clean the Sydney Buddhist Centre. If we can form 8 teams from among the Sangha, then each team would only need to work one week (or weekend) every 2 months. We’d be asking each team to spend 3-4 hours every 2 months on jobs like tidying the shrine room, vacuuming the floors and cleaning the bathrooms. A lot of...

Ambedkar, on the occasion of his 125th Anniversary

I would like to thank my ancestors and the Earth from which we come. I extend my respects from my people the Nguhi of Moreton and Stradbroke Islands to the Gadigal and Eora peoples.

Recently I was ordained in India with four other Dharmacharis from Australia and New Zealand, Dharmaraja, Chittamuni (NZ), Maitribandha and Manichitta.

Every evening as we emerged from afternoon mediation we would look across to the caves on the opposite side of the valley. The sun’s rays filled a grotto opposite us and illuminated a 3 ½ meter, 2,200 year old solid granite stupa. The natural...

Vijayaloka Newsletter

Dear Sangha Friends

On the last Friday in July several of us had a day out at Vijayaloka. Some of us attended a Vijayaloka team meeting and others spent the day working outside. Whether meeting or working we all enjoyed our time in the beautiful winter sunshine. A shared campfire lunch topped it off in Sydney sangha style!

In the Vijayaloka team, a high priority for discussion was developing a list of work options for the upcoming Working With Nature Retreat which is to be held this weekend on 14/15/16 August. This retreat looks set to be a wonderful opportunity to come...

Berlin-Sydney Artists' Dialogue

A first, completely unique event:  What do you get when you put together three artist friends who paint in collaboration, two Buddhist Centres, continents apart, a laptop and a digital projector?

Answer:  We aren't sure yet, but something like an arts evening. Come to the Sydney Buddhist Centre and view past paintings made by Misha in collaboration with Aryadharma, and by Misha in collaboration with his partner Raisa. Hear the artists speak live from Berlin and Sydney about the inspiration, beauty and frustration engendered in the practice of collaboration.

Aryadharma is the...

Buddha Blitz Update

Recently the Buddha Blitz team met at Gigi’s Pizza Restaurant on King Street for a ‘Blitz Wrap’ followed by a planning meeting at the Buddhist Centre. It was a chance to check in with each other in the new-year, acknowledge and celebrate the success of the Blitz and keep the ball rolling as we finalise odds and ends and think about the next steps.

Important action items include: the installation of a gorgeous new rupa in our entry vestibule; finishing the front of the building with painting, landscaping, signage, lighting and a dispensor for promotional flyers on the wall at...

A New Logo for the SBC

Final touches have been made to our great, new logo. It’s an example of collaboration between Rijupatha, a designer and US based Order member, who sent us some initial draft designs adn who very generously donated his time and efforts; Lydia, who used her marketing talents to gauge responses particularly with the Young Triratna group; Aryadharma and Gianni who responded with a much-lauded draft – a combination of their combines vision, Aryadharma’s skill with the paintbrush and Gianni’s computer expertise; and finally Kirsten pulling it all together in a graphic and font that many have...

Melbourne Buddhist Centre: a Grand Opening

Dhiramani took the Sydney Centre’s best wishes when she attended the opening of the new Melbourne Centre on the 7th and 8th of February.  The day began with a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony, and the Mayor appreciating in the diversity of culture and places of worship in the municipality.

She presented the Sydney sangha’s gift offerings.  Lisa Kelly’s lovely lotus like card, which many of us signed, was bursting open with metta and blessings and a double vajra was offered to the shrine – selected in part for its symbolism of fearlessness, courage and unobstructed success....

Saturday as a Sangha Gathering

We’re five weeks into our new Saturday at the SBC program.  In addition to our very successful Saturday morning meditations, we’re now offering coffee and pastries between 10 and 10:20am. Then, as icing on the cake so to speak, we are engaging in a Dharma session 'til around 11:30. We initially explored the Four Reminders: a precious human life, impermanence and death, karma and suffering – those topics of contemplation that are so important in keeping our impetus to practice the Dharma, for ourselves and others.

We're now looking at "The Texture of Reality" and our Dharma journey...