Melbourne Buddhist Centre

Located in a bright spacious building just off Sydney Road in Brunswick, the Melbourne Buddhist Centre is a restful haven for many who attend our drop-in meditation classes. Regular meditation and Buddhism courses are held at the centre as well as day retreats on weekends. Public talks on meditation and Buddhism are offered by local and visiting speakers.

The centre caters for visits from school groups, as well as providing speakers for schools and colleges. There is a well-stocked bookshop at the centre, a small lending library and a DVD library of Buddhist films.

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Melbourne Buddhist Centre: a Grand Opening

Dhiramani took the Sydney Centre’s best wishes when she attended the opening of the new Melbourne Centre on the 7th and 8th of February.  The day began with a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony, and the Mayor appreciating in the diversity of culture and places of worship in the municipality.

She presented the Sydney sangha’s gift offerings.  Lisa Kelly’s lovely lotus like card, which many of us signed, was bursting open with metta and blessings and a double vajra was offered to the shrine – selected in part for its symbolism of fearlessness, courage and unobstructed success....